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CW Race Relations

Vanessa W & Mistire A

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What is the Race Relations Team?

We meet every other Thursday from 8-9 pm!

Race Relations is a newly founded platform for students to highlight issues of race in our school and society. They work to create a safe environment for students while raising awareness on topics such as microaggressions and systematic oppression of Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC). They actively contribute to the community by showing support to those feeling discriminated against.

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Ms. Abma’s Message

This new team is always looking for student leaders and those who want to learn more about the challenges of race and how to be a better ally. Your participation can be on many levels such as an observer/listener, a member of the Instagram or advertising teams, a member of the book club, and a videographer who is using film to help boost understanding of issues around race. It is a place to share your experiences and hear about the experiences of others through guest speakers and sharing groups. Our goal is to make Cairine Wilson a place where everyone feels valued and accepted, but also to recognize and address injustices when we see them. There are over 10 staff members who are involved with the club and regularly attend meetings as they want to learn too.

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Projects New and Old

We have designed t-shirts in support of the BLM and BIPOC movement. We have ordered almost 100 t-shirts and may do another order if there is enough interest. Please contact the club adviser Mrs. Abma ( if you would like to put your name on the list.

In our first year, Ms. Brown and members of our team put up posters

to encourage love, acceptance, and kindness towards everybody. We strive to continue spreading positivity and inclusion within our school environment with various projects. For instance, we created an Instagram page (@cwracerelations) to educate people about historical figures, share important quotes, and club information. We also have a Diversity Day Planning Committee that culminates sometime in February. There are various students sharing videos with the entire school about their culture and/or race. In addition, we host a Poetry Contest with prizes also in February. For this contest, there is a panel of judges representing Black, Indigenous, and LGBTQ communities. You can contact Mrs. Abma for more information to sign up ( We also have a book club led by Mrs. Abma and several students working on events for Black History Month.

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Guest Speakers

The race relation team invites guest speakers to come and talk about their experiences and further expand our knowledge on current racial events. So far we have had former CW students, poets, athletes, anti-racist activists, and even people in the police force come to share their stories.

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