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Capital Courts Academy - CCA

Riley R

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Hey future Wildcats - you are going to love CW! It's an amazing school with a great community. Did you know that Cairine hosts a basketball academy called CCA, which stands for Capital Courts Academy. You might be wondering “What's a basketball academy?” and “Why does Cairine have a basketball academy that's separate from the school's basketball team?"

CCA is a top Canadian basketball program that is run out of our school. We are a part of the OSBA, which stands for the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association. We compete within Ontario, but many of our athletes go on to play for teams through Canada and the United States.

Cairine is such an amazing school and CCA is so lucky to be a part of an atmosphere with such great educators, students and school spirit! Like you, CCA athletes’ number one priority is their education! CCA is a program that values and believes in UBUNTU. UBUNTU means “I am because we are”! We can't wait for you to join our school's awesome community! Check us out on Instagram @capitalcourtsacademy! Looking forward to seeing you all next year!

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