Sports at Cairine

Tyler H & Mattheo G


Welcome, Cairine Wilson athletes! Our school has lots to offer when it comes to sports. There are always opportunities to be part of the team at CW, so make sure to be aware of sign-ups and tryouts when the season for the sport you’re interested in comes around. If you’re not looking for anything competitive, there are also intramurals available where you can form teams with your friends and play for fun! Intramurals are held in the gym during lunch.
Below you can find the sports CW has during each time of year as well as intramurals.


Fall Sports

  • Girls basketball

  • Boys soccer

  • Girls field hockey

  • Tennis

  • Cross country running

  • Golf

  • Boys Rugby 7s

  • Girls Rugby 7s

field hockey.PNG

Winter Sports

  • Boys basketball

  • Girls volleyball

  • Boys volleyball

  • Nordic skiing

  • Curing

  • Girls hockey

  • Badminton

  • Swimming

  • Wrestling


Spring Sports

  • Boys rugby

  • Girls rugby

  • Girls soccer

  • Track and field

  • Ultimate

  • Boys baseball



  • Basketball

  • Dodgeball

  • Square dancing



Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations

OFSAA is an organization of students, teachers, and sports administrators in Ontario. The best of the best compete at the events OFSAA holds and they are hosted in different cities across the province. CW students and teams have gone to various events, so if you work hard at your sport, you could have the chance to compete!

ofsaa logo.PNG

Sports that you can go to OFSAA for

  • Alpine skiing

  • Badminton

  • Baseball-east and west

  • Basketball-boys A,AA,AAA

  • Basketball-girls A,AA,AAA

  • Curling

  • Cross country running

  • Field hockey-girls

  • Field lacrosse-boys AAA

  • Football bowl series (festival)

  • Golf-girls (festival)

  • Golf championship

  • Hockey-boys A,AA,AAA

  • Hockey-girls A,AA,AAA

  • Nordic skiing

  • Rugby-boys A,AA,AAA

  • Rugby-girls A,AA,AAA

  • Snowboarding (festival)

  • Soccer-boys A,AA,AAA

  • Soccer-girls A.AA.AAA

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Track and field

  • Tennis

  • Ultimate (festival)

  • Volleyball-girls A,AA,AAA

  • Wrestling