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Clubs at Cairine

Brooke, Anita, and Sarah

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Welcome to the CW Clubs page! We offer a wide range of clubs that will interest anyone and everyone! Grade 9 is the perfect time in high school to join clubs and pursue your passions. Whereas in grade 11 or 12, life gets a little busier with school, jobs and other extra-curriculars, grade 9 is a very free year with a much lighter workload than other grades. While we have a lot of different clubs at CW, they all have one thing in common: a unique high school experience that will provide you long-lasting memories and friendships!

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Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students made up of grade representatives, club representatives, and executives that care about making sure the school is a safe and fun place by working with the student body, staff, parent council, and even other schools’ student councils. To inquire about joining or just to ask questions, contact the teacher supervisor, Mrs. Miller, at or Ms. Brown at

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Positions Available

  • Executives: The executives are the two co-presidents and the student senator. Grade 11 and 12 students can run for the position and are elected by the student body. The co-presidents and senator are responsible for running the Student Council meetings and attending monthly meetings. Feel free to contact the co-presidents and senator if you have any questions or concerns, whether they’re school-related or board-related.

  • Grade representatives: Grade reps are responsible for representing the voice of their grade at weekly Student Council meetings. Anyone can run for their grade and are elected by their grade. (Grade 9s vote only for the grade 9 rep) If anyone has any problems or concerns, they can contact their grade representative, and they will discuss it at the next meeting!

  • Club representatives: Every club has the opportunity to have representatives, who attend Student Council meetings. Each meeting, they give an update of their club and their plans. Therefore, every club knows about what is happening in other clubs and there wouldn’t be any overlap. Any grade can be a club rep. This is a volunteer position, not an elected position.

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Newspaper Team

Cairine Wilson’s Newspaper Team, The Wilson, is a group of writers, editors, photographers, and formatters working together to inform the school about various events going on at Cairine Wilson, as well as the everyday lives of staff and students. We welcome people of any skill level! The team meets Tuesdays at 12:05 in room 228. If you have any questions, contact

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Games Club

Cairine Wilson’s Games Club is a drop in club, which means no sign up necessary! It happens everyday at lunch in room 241. In this club, you can participate in everything from card games like Magic the Gathering and board games such as Dungeons and Dragons. The club also has plenty of D&D books and dice that you can check out. The club sometimes hosts D&D sessions after school to allow for longer games, as well as tournaments. The teacher in charge is

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Key Club

Do you want to join an international network of over 230 000 students making local and global change through service and volunteerism? Join Key Club! Develop leadership skills, build your character, meet amazing people and make lifelong memories with Key Club. We meet every Wednesday at lunch. There are many opportunities to gain volunteer hours through our service projects such as:

  • Halloween for Hunger: raising funds and donations for a local food bank by trick or treating for canned goods on Halloween night

  • Camp in the Caf: raising funds and awareness for refugees by turning our cafeteria into a mock refugee camp and taking classes on tours.

  • Earth Week: educating students on issues facing our environment through presentations workshops and contests

We also run small service projects during our meetings to give back to our communities.

  • Writing Holiday cards to send to retirement residences

  • Crafting origami stars with inspirational messages to lift the spirits of loved ones

If changemaking is your calling, or you want to have lots of fun, join KeyClub!!

Teacher: Mme Robinson-Sisk (

Classroom code: 75qhr3i

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Do you want to make school more fun? Are you filled with ideas that can bring the students closer together? Then, Voices is the place for you! You gain a variety of leadership skills, such as organization, communication, and character development. You get to meet incredible people and help each other organize fun school events. We meet every Tuesday at lunch. It is one of the many ways to gain some volunteer hours. The events we plan are:

  • Spirit Days/Weeks: As a group, we decide on fun and engaging spirit days for the school along with fun activities. For example, last year Voices organized Cairinemas and the spirit days involved were; CW colours, Tropical Tuesday, Ugly Sweater Day, Throwback Thursday, and PJ Day. Activities throughout Cairinemas were mango bobbing on Tropical Tuesday, movie night on PJ day and so much more.

  • Social events: Voices help plan movie nights, dances and the Oscars. In the past, we have had Halloween and Christmas Movie nights, we’ve also had entertaining dances for Halloween or during the Spring and the Oscars is an event where students nominate others for different categories, such as best style, class clown, dynamic duo and so much more.

  • FUN activities throughout the year, such as candy grams, where students can have candy delivered to their fellow classmates for Christmas and Valentines’ Day. We also sold Match-O-Matics, where students fill out matchmaking quizzes online. Finally, on Valentine’s Day students can buy their result sheets and see who they match within the school.

Teacher advisor: Mme Napoleon (

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First Nations Metis Inuit Fellowship

The CW First Nations Metis Inuit Fellowship is a group open to anybody interested in learning more or sharing about FNMI culture and issues. The FNMI team meets regularly on Fridays at lunch in the conference room beside the main desk in the Learning Commons, but we are currently meeting virtually on Wednesdays at 2:30.

Teacher: Ms. Currie (

Classroom code: 3mkvq2d

  • Host workshops, such as soapstone carving and making dreamcatchers

  • Educate the student body on Indigenous cultures and traditions

  • Share informative documentaries and videos about the Indigenous community and issues.

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International Certificate Program

Hello! Bonjour! Holà! Nǐn hǎo! Guten Tag! Olà! Salve! Konnichiwa! The International Certificate Program is a great way to experience high school with a cultural lens. There are three components to this program but don’t worry, they are all attainable and worthwhile. Starting the program as early as grade 9 will make the program much easier because it will allow students plenty of time to finish the components, rather than stressing with only one or two years. To obtain the certificate, you will have your entire high school career to fulfil the following three components:

Component 1: International Languages

I know that sounds like a big feat, but there are many ways to accomplish this component, so you can choose whichever works best for you. You must complete 50 (online) hours or 110 hours (in person) of language studies, for a language you do not already know.  Whether it’s through an online program (like Duolingo!) or by participating in Saturday language classes, component 1 is a great opportunity to further your cultural understanding and prepare for abroad travelling. Also, you must complete the super-fun Intercultural Communication and Awareness Workshop, which allows you to connect with ICP students from across the OCDSB. 

Component 2: International Coursework

For this component, you must complete 4 internationally focused courses in grade 11 and 12. The list of possible courses can be found here.  Also, two summatives from any grade and any class that isn’t typically internationally focused. You will have to adapt the subject/ final project to have an international focus. Such as, a summative from grade 10 Canadian history, but with an international perspective. 

Component 3: International Experience and Engagement

There are several ways to complete this component. Travelling with family, volunteering with internationally focused events, or doing an exchange all count towards the completion of the at least 100 hours of international experience required to complete this component. 

To learn more about ICP, check it out on the OCDSB website! and/or contact (teacher advisor)

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The IDEA Team (Inclusion Diversity Equity Allies) / Race Relations meets every two weeks to learn about racial issues through discussions with guest speakers, workshops and activism. Follow us on Instagram @cwracerelations and visit the IDEA page for more information

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Rainbow Club

If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community or even just an ally, come check out the Rainbow Club! Go check out the LGBTQ+ support page for more information.

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Club of Science

Cairine Wilson hosts an amazing Club of Science dedicated to students who want to pursue their passion for science and STEAM. The club allows students to talk with other students who have similar interests in STEAM, gain social skills and gain experience in the scientific process of researching, learning, discovering, etc. The Club of Science meets every Thursday during the student's lunch period. In the Club of Science, students are able to:

  • Gain varied experience in science - required to apply for science scholarships

  • The chance to discuss scientific topics with other students who are interested in the subject

  • Learn something new in the club, no matter what level of understanding you have of science,

  • Participate in competitions, such as crystal growing, OSIC and Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision

Teacher Advisor: Ms Currie (

Classroom Code: ltad2yc

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Math Club

Math Club meets every week to challenge their mathematical abilities by solving complex problems, preparing for math competitions, and competing in math competitions. All math levels are welcome. Stay tuned for more information on meeting time and teacher advisor as we transition to a new teacher advisor

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