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LGBTQ2+ at C-Dubb

Patrick L

LGBTQ2+: About

Welcome to the Cairine Wilson LGBTQ2+ Support page! On this page, you will find out all about the LGBTQ2+ support system we have in our school! We have a variety of involvement towards the LGBTQ2+ students at our school! At Cairine, we have an amazing Rainbow Club for grades 9-12, a genderfluid bathroom for students who are transgender, genderfluid, non-binary, etc. at our school and so much more! We care a lot about our LGBTQ2+ students and welcome all students with open arms! We have an amazing team of counsellors who are, and more teachers who are here to help students throughout their years at Cairine Wilson!

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About Rainbow Club

Welcome to Rainbow Club! Either if you're a supporter or part of the LGBTQ2+. The Rainbow club is open to anyone who would like to join!!

You’ll meet new friends, learn more about other students’ sexualities or your own or maybe just have fun! Students can prepare activities for school events, announce national days for the LGBTQ2+ students, for example, Transgender rights days, Pronouns day and much more! The Rainbow Club helps out with other clubs and students with our team. Even if you are not part of the LGBTQ2+ they would love to have you there for your support and love! We have a supportive team of teachers who take part in the Rainbow Club and help us with our events and have an understanding of our community. (

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The Genderfluid Bathroom

We understand a lot of young non-confirmed gender students have a troubled time going to the bathroom without feeling uncomfortable or out of place. Therefore, we decided to create a new environment for our students. At C-Dubb we created a genderfluid bathroom for our students, which is open to anyone who needs it!

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