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Grade 9 Course

The grade 9 course covers the basic focuses for building confidence, teamwork, creativity and concentration. Students can become active while in this hands-on course that brings groups together to create unique performances and presentations. Make new friends in the class and get to know new people! No experience required!

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Grade 10-12 Drama Course

Still interested in drama? Great! You can continue your creativity and knowledge and get into the 10-12 drama classes! They’re usually in one grade or mixed grades so you can experience people from below you and above your grade. Continue the knowledge you learned in grade 9 and prepare fun activities! This course is separate from production, but this class can boost your leadership skills and responsibility!

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Drama Production

 If you’re still interested in the Art of Drama, You can join the production! What do you do in drama production? You’ll be part of the school play either as an actor, or you want to fix lighting and light up the stage for the actors to play or you want to be in charge of sound and make the play more upbeat with sound effects and music If you like costumes and want to make or give out costumes you can be in charge of the costume design! Make new friends, practice responsibility, show off your creativity and create entertainment for others!

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Improv Teams

Do you want to express your creativity to the fullest? Join the improv team! Team members learn crucial leadership skills and confidence as they learn to listen to each other and perform a made-up scene on the spot! There are two sections of the improv team, the juniors (9-10) and the senior team (11-12).  We practice 2-3 times a week and participate in city-wide competitions. The senior team has been in the top 5 in the city for the past 2 years!

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