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Rowan B & Patrick L

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Course Description

This course covers all areas of music; theory, history, and instrument practice. Students can use instruments that belong to the school if they do not own their own. The instruments available are limited to wind and brass instruments, though in class percussion and a single double bass are also available for use. This course is a prerequisite if a student wishes to join the Concert Band.

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Concert Band

This course is for students who wish to participate in concerts and play more challenging pieces than those in music classes. This course takes place outside of the timetable, typically in the mornings, and runs all year. The final mark in the course is determined by attendance, practice, a couple of playing tests, and a further couple of written assignments.

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Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is not a course, so no credit is given at the end of the year. However, the Jazz Band still participates in concerts, and members are usually also in the Concert Band. Even if your instrument isn’t one that usually plays in a Jazz Band, we can find a place for you.

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The Choir is not a course, so no credit is given at the end of the year. The Choir participates in concerts alongside both the Concert and Jazz Bands. There are no tryouts and students do not need to take either music or Concert Band to be in Choir.

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Arts Night

Arts Night is a display of the school’s artistic population. Visual art is on display for attendees to enjoy in between performances by the Concert and Jazz Bands, the Choir, and the Improv Team. Often there are also baked goods and beverages for sale for attendees to enjoy during the performances by the students.

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