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Academic Advice and Extra Help

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At Cairine Wilson, we understand and value that every student is unique and we all learn differently. Our school works closely with your teachers to come up with a learning strategy that best fits your needs. Whether that is learning at a slower pace, needing more time in class, getting extra help when it comes to projects and assignments, or needing an electronic device to do school work.

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Individualized Education Plan


If you are a student with an IEP and are worried about the transition from elementary to secondary school and how you’ll manage, we have classes called “Learning Strategies” where students are provided extra help adjusting and getting used to the high school curriculum. In these classes educational assistants will provide you with extra time, teach you how to use assistive technology, scribe for you, and explain instruction in detail for any school work that you may not understand. All of this is offered at Cairine Wilson so you can have peace of mind knowing that help and resources are available for you to do well all throughout high school!

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English as a Second Language


We also understand that English is not everyone’s first language and it can be difficult to understand what you’re expected to do in class if you don’t understand the language very well. So to make it easier for you, the school has and ESL trained teacher that can help you and your teachers design a learning plan that will help you understand the material. If you are struggling with the work that is being assigned to you or having a hard time understanding what your teacher is explaining in class then you’d be offered the opportunity to work with an ESL teacher. If you do find yourself in this situation, please know that there is no shame in asking for help or speaking up and letting your teacher know that you are not understanding what is being taught in class so they can work out a learning plan for you with an ESL teacher.

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Credit Recovery

Failing a class is probably everyone's biggest fear in high school, the thought of redoing that course all over again the next year can be very unsettling. At our school, Credit Recovery is a program offered that can help you get all the credits you need in order to pass that class without having to retake it next year. You are required to complete any missing sections of the course you have failed so you can obtain the credits that you need in order to move on to the next grade. If you find yourself in this situation it is not something that you should feel ashamed about because sometimes we may not fully understand the first time around so this is a second chance/opportunity for you to do better and pass.

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Student Success

Similar to credit recovery, Student Success focuses on students that are at risk of not getting enough credits or is failing a class. Student Success works with students who may be struggling with family/personal problems, drug, and alcohol, or social-emotional issues that may be getting in the way of their academic success. If your teachers noticed that you're failing a class, in the last couple of weeks of that course you’ll be put in credit rescue that is offered by student success teachers so you're all caught up by the time the course is over.

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Homework Club

Homework Club runs every Monday to Thursday from 3:30-5:00 pm in the Library/learning commons with a teacher that is there to supervise and help you out with whatever you’re working on. It’s a great place to be after school to catch up on any homework that you’d like to finish before going home because sometimes we work better when we are in a quiet and peaceful environment, or you and a friend can stay and work on any group assignments or projects that you’ve been assigned. Lastly, if you don’t have good WIFI at home or don’t have access to a computer/printer then the homework club is a great and helpful place to be!

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Using Tech

Just because you don’t have an IEP doesn’t mean you can’t access technology for school work. In our library/learning commons, there are Chromebooks that you can sign out for your classes. There are also desktops that are available inside the library for anyone to use. They are great for quick little tasks such as printing out a paper or submitting homework or assignments before class starts. Our school tries its absolute best to provide resources so you are prepared to come to class every day ready to learn!

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