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Events at Cairine

Hannah L & Chloe G

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At Cairine Wilson we participate in multiple events every year. Including but not limited to... spirit days and weeks, Polar Bear Run, Clash in the Caf, Coffee House, Oscars, Awards Nights and many more.

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Spirit Days

Orange and Blue Day

On orange and blue days we wear our school colours to show how proud we are to come from Cairine Wilson. On orientation day for the new batch of ninth graders, everyone is given an orange shirt with the school’s name on it. Most of the younger grades will wear their orange shirt with a blue shirt/sweater underneath and call it a day, however the older students tend to go all out. Meaning they’ll throw on anything they own that’s orange or blue, whether it’s two pairs of socks, a tutu or multiple layers. Some even go as far as to buy new clothes just to wear on the spirit day.

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Hawaiian/Tropical Day

For this day you’ll dress up as if you’d be going to the beach or to a tropical location and go to school. Tropical day is a staple in most of our spirit weeks, so it is important to know how you’re intended to dress. Most go with a floral shirt, swim trunks, swim goggles, and a lei around the next or flower behind their ear.

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Blizzard Day

On Blizzard day the whole school wears all the white they have.

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Grade Wars

When grade wars comes around the whole school is a sea of 4 colours, each grade is given their colour normally red, orange, green or blue. Each grade wears as much of their colour as possible and during your first class a couple of students will come to your class and count how many people in each class are wearing their grade’s colour. Then they turn the number into a percentage, the grade with the most people dressed up wins a prize!

Grade wars.png
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Ugly Sweater Day

Ugly sweater day is normally only during Cairinemas, which is our spirit week before the holiday break. People dress up in the ugliest Christmas sweater they can find, even if it means taking a regular Christmas sweater and adding some outrageous decorations to it like Christmas balls or a string of lights.

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Fandom Day

On this day all Wildcats get to flaunt their favourite team jersey, TV show, video game, singer, bands, etc. Students and teachers come dressed in their favourite hockey team’s jersey, favourite band’s shirt, favourite video game merch, whichever you fancy! This spirit day does sometimes cause rivalry, so beware!

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Meme Day

What better way to bring some humor into the school than with some Wildcat favourite memes? Students and teachers will get to come up with creative ways to dress up as their favourite meme- don’t be afraid to get funky with it! Everyone always gets a good laugh out of their friends with their creations. An example could be to dress up as the famous Arthur fist meme by wearing a yellow sweatshirt and blue jeans while walking around with an over dramatized fist.

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What kind of school would we be if we didn’t allow everyone to dress up in costumes for Halloween! Of course every year everyone gets to wear their creative costumes to school on October 31st where we will then have a costume contest where students can submit their costume to be voted on for the best costume- so get creative Wildcats!

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PJ Day

One of the C-dubb favorites- PJ Day. On this day the whole school decides to relax and come to school in their PJs. This is definitely one of the spirit days that you should always participate in, you should never pass up an opportunity to wear pajamas to school for a change! Not only do you get to be comfy and fashionable all day, but you also get the benefit of saving all that time in the morning ‘cause you can just roll out of bed and be ready to go.

PJ day.png
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 Blackout Day

Blackout Day is similar to Blizzard Day, except everyone wears all black- black shirts, black pants, black shoes, back anything and everything! This is one of the easiest spirit days to participate in- who doesn’t own black clothing?!

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Throwback Day

Throwback Day is your time to rebirth old trends for a day! No one ever really knows exactly what to expect on this day as Wildcats always come up with creative and unpredictable outfits. You can wear polka dots, neon, classic hippie sunglasses and hat, the leggings under the shorts, whatever you feel like would represent a throwback. Don’t be afraid to get funky with it C-Dubb!

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Movie Nights

The whole school picks a movie from the options given on the Cairine Wilson’s Instagram stories, which is then played in the lecture theatre. There’s a small fee for entrance but once you arrive there is popcorn and the vending machines, and of course all the jokes from everyone else in the audience.

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Clash in the Caf

Clash in the Caf is a wrestling event hosted by our school in our cafeteria. The lunch tables and everything get taken out and replaced with our fancier wrestling mat. Then the wrestlers from our school face off one on one against the wrestlers in their weight group from another school in multiple matches. It’s an official event and fundraiser for the wrestlers who end up going to OFSAA, using the money made from the baked goods that the wrestlers brought in and the cost of the tickets. The school gets judges, referees and three guys from the older grades are our “ring girls” meaning that in between matches they go onto the mat with a sign telling everyone what round it is and always do some sort of hilarious action/move while informing us.

Clash in the caf.jpg
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Polar Bear Run

The Polar Bear Run is one of the best parts of winter at Cairine. After the first snowfall of the season, all students at school the next day take part in the Polar Bear Run. When you hear Christmas music on the PA system, you’ll know it’s time for the Polar Bear Run. This usually happens about half way through the first period lasting for about 30 minutes, and once you hear the music you will be allowed to leave your class and run to the front doors. There, everyone takes off their shoes, and if they're smart they’ll take off their socks too, so they have something to warm their feet afterwards. They proceed to run around the outside of the school barefoot. This event normally ends with a snowball fight started by the students on the front lawn.

polar run.jpg
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Coffee House

The coffee house is our school’s version of a talent show but way better. The teacher and students perform, There’s singing, jokes, dances, boys spitting on each other, bad karaoke and best of all whip cream being smashed into teacher’s faces by other teachers. The whole cafeteria is transformed into a coffee house, the lunch tables are taken away and replaced with fancy round tables with table clothes on them and candles to set the mood. It’s so dark that when up on stage you can barely make out who is sitting in the audience, making it a lot easier on the performers, those who choose to stay on the stage that is.

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Oscars are a fairly important part of the last semester of the year at Cairine. It’s like that page in the year book, the most likely too… Everyone in our school submits their picks for the best fit to whatever the topic is for juniors and seniors. Then the people organizing it will put the most common answers onto a google form for everyone to pick from. Leading up to this day there's a lot of campaigning, people yelling to vote them for class clown or most absences. When it finally gets to the night of Oscars everyone gets all dressed up in ties and dresses, it happens in our transformed cafeteria, where dinner is served and the awards are announced as well as speeches given by the winners and a lot of bragging.

File_003 (1).jpeg
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Lusk Caves

The Lusk Caves trip is known by many Wildcats as the best event and the rite of passage for a Grade Nine Wildcat. All Grade Nines will have the opportunity to take part in a full day trip to the Lusk Caves in Gatineau Park with their new peers and link leaders where you will get to spend the day hiking through the paths, spending time by the beach, taking part in fun team building activities, and of course, exploring the underwater caves with your friends. Not only do you get to participate in great team bonding activities where you get to know your fellow grade nines in an instructed way, but you also have lots of time to talk and get to know each other on your own during the bus ride and while hiking. This trip is a great way to make memories and have lots of fun and laughs with your new and old friends.
Adventuring the caves: You will be guided through the dark caves in groups by your link leaders where you will get to step through the water with your flashlights. Don’t forget an extra set of clothes to put on afterwards!

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What to Bring



Lunch and Snacks

Layers + Extra Set of Clothes to Wear in The Water

Water Bottle

Water Shoes

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Awards Night

A night for all you smart cookies to dress up and be appreciated! This is the night where you are recognized for all your hard work that you put into your school work throughout the year. The Awards Night takes place during the fall for the grades from the previous year. Every student who is receiving an award will be called on stage one by one where their award(s) will be announced and they will receive their award. After the awards ceremony, all students are treated with cake and refreshments and have the opportunity to take those cute pictures with their friends.

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Honours Roll

80% or more average

Silver Medal

90% or more average

Top of Class

Top mark of your class in one of your courses

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Athletic Banquet

This event is one of the CW athletes’ favourite event- the Athletic Banquet. This is the time for all our sporty athletes to come on out, trade their runners, cleats, and skates for a dress or a nice shirt and celebrate our teams and athletes. Prior to the banquet, any CW athletes are required to sign up to attend the banquet and put down the school sports in which they took part in this year. At the banquet some athletes will receive awards such as coach’s award, junior and senior male athlete, junior and senior female athlete, and others. This is a time to look back at your hard work and munch down some great snacks with your friends.

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